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Orbita watch winder

OfficialTime watch winder

According to ancient legend, every species of tree is bestowed with distinct character and blessings, particularly precious trees. It is illustrated by, for example, the winner of a competition who wears a crown woven with laurel, an emblem of matchless nobility, victory and reputation.

After much careful consideration, our designers have found the secret of revealing the distinctive beauty of valuable timber. Furthermore, they believe that only 17th century Baroque art, with its endless fantasy and elaborate and ornamented design best evokes the nobility of trees standing firm in the soil of the contemporary world.

The Baroque Series represents a harmonious integration of art and technology. It brings together rare and exquisite woods with remarkable and sophisticated German craftsmanship to recreate the spirit of the Baroque period. We trust that this unique product with its refined and delicate style will fascinate and conquer the hearts of everyone ……………..

The rare and precious timbers

Santos Rosewood: a precious wood which is hard, heavy and sinks in water. It becomes as smooth as a mirror after polishing and is fine and cool to the touch. The texture is beautiful, unique and durable, and is not subject to decay.

Redwood Burl: expensive wood which grows in tropical forests in the coastal areas of Brazil. It is famous in the European market for its brilliant color, fine texture and beautiful lines, as well as its sturdy and durable performance.

Golden Crotch Camphor: extremely valuable, used mostly for furnishing and decorating European royal palaces, with very limited annual output.

Ebony: a shiny and durable wood, either sheer black in color or with golden brown tints. It is hard, heavy but fine and generally used for black keys of top quality pianos.

Wold Designs watch winder

   ~~ Made of selected European natural wood then coated with 18 layers of premium piano lacquer and
        numerous times of fine hand polished.

Underwood watch winder

  ~~ Handcrafted by experience craftsmen which using the traditional European skill.

   ~~ The unique wooden air cushion is specially designed for dust-proof and damp-proof.
   ~~ The high quality of imitate sheepskin PU leather softness comfortable of inner layer.

OfficialTime watch winder

   watch winder

   ~~ The grade of every metal component is comparable to that of jewels.
   ~~ The precision hinge and key lock come from the Switzerland.


Qubik watch winder

   The Program Selection

  ~~ The intelligent operation program mimic human arms swinging during walking at an average 5km speed per hour,
  ~~ which is proven to be the optimal formula for maintaining all automatic watch.

   ~~ The separate power switches and 3 automatic programs which applicable to all automatic mechanical watches.
        + (A) Clockwise : rotation for 5 minutes then remain for 10 minutes, same cycle repeats 24 hours per day.
        + (B) Alternating: rotation between clockwise & counter clockwise alternately every 2.5 minutes, this process will
                                run for 5 minutes then rest for 10 minutes.
        + (C) Counter Clockwise: rotation only in counter clockwise for 5 minutes then remains for 10 minutes, same cycle
                                repeats 24 hours per day.

            Rotates at 3.5 turns per minute approximately (720 and 1,440 turns daily approx)

watch winder

Brben & Zorweg watch winder

   The Power Supply

   ~~ The separate external (changeable) FUSE designed to comprehensive protects your home and watch-winder safety from short circuit accident,
   ~~ Works for 6'C' cell alkaline battery or OfficialTime AC-Adaptor.

   ~~ The patent designed AC-adaptor with changeable plug for worldwide use.
   ~~ The whole circuit and electronic AC-adaptor meets the highest Safety Certification of European CE and RoHS.