Piaget Polo

It took many years for Piaget Polo to become a famous brand. Piaget Polo has ranked among first-class watches since the late 40s. So many famous families were suddenly eager to own the brand, which had grown so slowly for one hundred years.

The founder of Piaget Polo, Georges Edouard Piaget, was a famer in the Swiss Jura Mountain. He set up the first watch workshop in his farm home in 1874, producing speciality pocket watches and producing high quality precision movements for famous Swiss clock-and-watch brand. He taught his 14 children to produce movements for other watch companies. In order to make his family business specializing in movements run permanently, Piaget decided to register Piaget as a brand name, and did the self-production for La cote-aux-Fees watch factory in 1943, and made the wristwatch with “Piaget” logo launch, which sold on the crown. When Gérald & Valentin Piaget, the two grandsons of the founder of Piaget Polo, were in charge the Piaget brand became famous all over the world, orders came one after the other; each customer was eager to have their own wristwatch, and the watch factories worked to capacity.

La cote-aux-Fees was in motion in 1945 and decided to find another new way to put into research-and-development of ultra-thin movements. The crafted tabulation art of Piaget Polo enjoyed the reputation of one of the “Eight Wonders of the world”, which was equally famous with Egypt’s Pyramid, Peru Nazka’s Giant Ground State, China’s the Great Wall, Pacific Easter Island’s Moai Portrait, Turkey Cappadocia’s Underground City, Chile Chupicchu’s Air City and Australia Yurala National Park’s Ayers Rock. Apart from the leading original mechanical operation equipment, the design thoughts of Piaget Polo were fascinating to all of people. All the watch bodies and watch bracelets must be made by gold or platinum with 18k casting. And their design of surfaces were colorful and unique. The surface decoration was eye-catching and stunning and was carved by precious stones such as lazuli, corallite, mother of pearl, tiger’s eye and agate.

Piaget Polo is the collection which people all over the world who pursue taste are eager to own since. This kind of watch becomes a classic of contemporary watches because of the change of the upper-class lifestyle in 80s. The polo (sports) fad was famous among the high society in 70s, many aristocrats who pursued taste participated in polo (sports) competition, therefore, Piaget watch factory designed wristwatches of Piaget Polo for this noble campaign, it was well respected as soon as it launched. There were various characteristics in the original creative ideas of it (wristwatches of Piaget Polo), including the durable forming-one design; suited for wrist design, so that the wearers could have the most comfortable feeling and would not hook into clothing; interphase design between the shiny surface and matte surface; to maintain the taste of top-level design.

After being fashionable more than twenty years, a new generation of Piaget Polo using its new appearance to let people re-experience the excitement, which comes from both the classic legend in 80s and the modern elegance. The new Piaget Polo wristwatches have kept the forming-one and seamless-edge design, and not only possess the essence of Piaget Polo, but also add new fashionable elements, showing both classic and creative new vitality. The new kind of Piaget Polo wristwatches is casted by 18k gold and platinum with diamond style and their own self-research and development of movements, showing an excellent design taste.

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