Franck Muller

Franck Muller Strap

Franck Muller” is one of the 10 best-known watch brands in the world. Mr. Franck Muller was a profoundly experienced watch-maker and had worked in numerous shops where sold the famous brands of watches. With less than 20-year experience in the watch-making industry, every successful man got motivated by a genuine passion and this undoubtedly drove them to keep exerting their best to reach a climax apart from attaining a remarkable success. As for the talented Swiss watch-maker Franck Muller, the passion for creating watches was developed at a very young age. This brought him the infinite inspirations for creation.

Franck Muller was born on 11 July, 1958. He grew up in a multi-cultural family and had been indulged in a various mechanical gadgets in his early childhood. At the age of 10, Franck Muller had got a keen eye on all different kinds of art works. That was why he enjoyed visiting the shops selling second-hand stuff and antiques to find out all the unique masterwork. Franck was dedicated to pursuing and analyzing the history of progress and the development of art and inventions. He was driven by his curiosity to collect a large amount of porcelain advertisement pictures and antique promotional items. Besides, Franck devoted all his spare time to probing into and dissecting, analyzing and re-assembling the mechanical stuff. Franck’s remarkable success in later years in the watch industry was grounded on his insatiable curiosity and intense infatuation with the mechanical stuff.

A major and far-reaching turning point in Franck’s life was brought about at the age of 15 when he happened to discover the various watch-making techniques and this drove him to spend the rest of his life on designing timepieces and the watch craftsmanship since then.

Franck Muller studied watch design in the renowned school Ecolc d’Horlogie de Geneve and this contributed to realizing his potential and talents to the fullest. Franck’s talents were made well known during his studies by winning many prizes for his masterpieces with flying colours. One of the prizes he won was a Rolex Oyster wrist watch with his name carved on it. Winners usually collected the prizes but Franck just dissected the watch and analyzed it. By the time when he finished the re-assembly, the watch had been turned into another new watch with his inventions involved: A regressive perpetual calendar. This watch became the first Rolex Oyster watch inlayed with a regressive perpetual calendar in history. But this was just the start of Franck’s journey to the watch-making world. After spending three years in the college, Franck shifted his focus to vintage wrist watches and continued with the trials on more precise watch-making techniques.

With his brilliant talents, Franck had been renowned in antique watches industry and had gained trusts from many buyers to repair the priceless and precious vintage watches. This contributed to trusts and appreciation from numerous prominent collectors. Franck’s longtime efforts and the improved skills had made him so famous that the auctions and watch collectors from all over the world sent him the precious watches for repair which only he could fix. Franck Muller had established the fame since then and he realized he should develop new techniques and creativity to face the challenges. Miniaturizing watch components allowed Franck’s creativity to be realized to the fullest. Since 1983, Franck’s creations have won him praises and appreciation from his counterparts, experts and collectors of famous watches. With the notable accomplishments, Franck Muller kept creating the fine and delicate masterpieces and strove for perfection so as to put his name to be aligned with the watch-making masters in the industry. 

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