About Us

We know what you want, because we are watches lover and product user also.

We have a great desire to see your smiles

We are 3 of watch lovers which are experienced global purchaser, mechanical engineer and jewelry designer, we are like-minded friends, we are identified watch is the men's sole jewelry can reveal their unique personality, and we do not want to use or follow the popularity flat products.

Your dream...is our dream...

We three guys tried to use our owned professional division to cooperate design and create some unique high quality watch accessory products, initially just for myself personally use or some good friends share.

And the order to allow more watch lovers and players enthusiasts to share our creations and ideas, in 2006 under the support and encouragement from many friends, the OfficialTime product design company was born in this background.

From the beginning of create of high quality personalized leather bands, and followed by the solid wood watch winder which installed the expensive, precision and stability brushless motor gears set, and then the high quality Japanese medical grade Rolex style rubber bands and the designer top quality FM type deployant buckles.

All of product creation ideas come from personal use, friends or customer requirements, each project must be produced by the carefully design, proofing, actual trial, improve, and re-improve of rigorous procedures, and then all of excellent works, we just make small batch production, but all the un-well works, we had to only throw them away.

Search of extremes...

We combined many of end users, designers, engineers and craftsmen’s expertise and experience, we are follow the same belief: Our products must be meeting " Unique design, Superior material, Exquisite craftsmanship, Excellent quality, and Reasonable price”.

To ensure our products can fully catered to users expectations, we gathered many of experts and technicians, and continually to global collecting and search for most outstanding materials and superior manufacturers.

We have only one goal: makes product with good function, unique design shows personally character, and make every effort to satisfy those smart watch lovers and collectors.

We are not affiliated with any other watch brand company and all product only belong to OfficialTime trademark