Rubber Strap for Rolex

Rubber Strap for Rolex

Rolex Rubber Strap                 Rolex Rubber Strap

We create the perfect second strap of the Legendary level Rolex.

The AK End Link and Rubber Strap combination brings you a brand new & wonderful wearing enjoyment.

They allows you to again keep the essence of your Rolex while adding your own unique color , tastes and second wonderful look of Rolex.

The Rubber Strap are available in multiple size combinations to custom fit your wrist.

Sometimes, You will not use the original Rolex stainless steel bracelet again.

This outstanding rubber strap always provided an unprecedented awesome experience for the wearer.

OfficialTime 20/16mm Breathable Rubber Strap and Airflow (Honeycomb) Rubber Strap

~ This is second strap for your Rolex;

~ Feeling of lightness, softness, comfortable;

~ Specially designed for all type of original Rolex Clasp.

~ Made from highest-quality Japan medical grade hypoallergenic silicone material.

~ Fulfills FDA specifications, non toxic, non allergen and antimicrobial.

~ UV Resistant, Antibacterial, Stain Resistant and very Durable.

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20/16mm Breathable Rubber Strap for Rolex

Rolex Rubber Strap

20/16mm Airflow Honeycomb Rubber Strap for Rolex

OfficialTime Rubber Strap for Rolex


fit Rolex Clasp


OfficialTime Rubber Strap Size

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How to install the "Armor of the King" end link and the Rubber strap to the Rolex ?  

How excellent is the anti-stain feature of the OfficialTime rubber strap ?