Breathable Rubber Strap

OfficialTime Breathable Rubber Strap for Rolex


OfficialTime 20/16mm Breathable Rubber Strap

Japan Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Breathable Rubber Strap special designed for Rolex

  • The strap exactly fit the original Rolex clasp;

  • Made from the highest-quality Japan medical grade hypoallergenic silicone material;

  • Fulfills FDA specifications, non-toxic, non-allergen and antimicrobial;

  • Substantially strengthen overall stress & stretch resistance, while moderate support, flexibility and comfort;

  • UV Resistant, Antibacterial, Stain Resistant and very Durable;

  • The rare breathable design makes users incredibly comfortable;

  • Perfect streamlined shape.


Strap Color : 7 color - Space Black / Sea Blue / Flame Orange / Forest Green / Cloud White / Steel Gray / Cherry Red


Breathable Rubber Strap color


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OfficialTime Breathable Rubber Strap



Breathable Rubber Strap


The product is not Rolex Brand, but it is a great quality part fits your Rolex, and offering your Rolex a whole new experience in exploring for more.


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How excellent is the anti-stain feature of the OfficialTime rubber strap ?