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PRO Rx Oyster Restorer

PRO Rx Oyster Restorer for Rolex

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This is a true story                                                               

PRO Rx Oyster Restorer

In the summer holiday of 2018, our family went to London, England for a 12-day holiday, on the first-day we were so happy to arrive at Heathrow Airport, our luggage cart collided with another luggage cart just before the customs inspection. My watch was  hit by  a lady’s luggage cart, it was just an accidental collision between the sparks, and we each said I’m sorry!

That is fine, and then I look at my watch at first, this is the Submariner 16610 that I wear to travel every time.

Ugh ! It's miserable! Made not deep, but an obvious scratch on the steel bracelet, all my friends know me that I am a watch lover. This watch was purchased more than 20 years ago, but its condition is almost like new, this scratch has ruined its perfection, and I was a bit angry because the truth was made by other's carelessness because the lady only watches her mobile phone. I thought: forget it! When I go back to our company's workshop after the holiday, I can find a technician to repair it, we have very professional polishing tools, don't worry about it !

Whenever I looked at the time, I always look at the small scratch a little angry, and blame myself once again for the careless, due to I have to still wait more than ten days, which is really long mental torture.

On the third day in London, I visited a good friend’s the first time, he and his father are watch collectors, I know that they have a lot of excellent watches.

Since we both are watch lovers, I told him about this little accident and my feelings.

He took my watch and looked at the scratch for a while, then smiled and said: Give me three minutes to remove the scratch for you.

He left the sofa and went to the study room immediately, I guess maybe he has some electric polishing tools ? But I doubt he has the skilled handcrafts for polish ?

I was afraid he would make my steel bracelet worse; he only brought a small box when he came back, and took out a very small rubber piece from the box, and rubbed it on my steel bracelet without saying a word. I said: No! But he ignored me, and continued rubbing the rubber piece onto the scar several times before returning the watch to me.

I immediately looked at the watch bracelet closely, and inspected the scratch very carefully.

I smiled from my heart since the scratch is gone really, the effect is perfect, it's so amazing!

And then I focused on this magical small rubber piece, it looks old and dirty. I asked my friend: Where did you buy it ? How much is it ? And do you have any more ?

He said that his father bought it from Switzerland many years ago, but he already cannot find this item in the market, they also bought some similar items before, but their results are not good, so now they have this half piece only, it is very precious. They usually use it to repair and maintain their Rolex watch bracelets. He also said: If you can find this product, we are willing to buy even though we pay more; this sentence stays on my mind deeply.

I do think this product is superb, it is what the watch lovers needed. We all know that our watches or bracelets often get damaged scratches and marks in daily wear accidentally. If it is repaired and polishing, it will cost a lot, and it takes many days. It's a waste of money and time, but if you don't fix it, you are always uncomfortable, always like a thorn in your heart, those who tried will understand.

This item can repair the scars or marks on the bracelet in minutes by myself, it is a savior for all watch-lovers!

This idea kept circling in my mind. When I went back to the office and told our team about my London experience and the magic item, we rapidly unanimously decided to develop this product, why can we decide with no objection? I guess the main reason is that because everyone wants one.

From the beginning, we contacted many of the relevant manufacturers in China, Germany, and Japan. After months of a lot of sample tests, and trial & error, the results are not satisfactory, it is indeed difficult to meet our requirements.

And several manufacturers are giving up after a few months, although we have already regardless of the cost to pay various expensive development expenses, perhaps our order quantity and money amount are not big, or maybe our requirements are too high? We focused on making this item for the Rolex oyster-type bracelets specifically, so its effect must be exactly the same as the brushed texture of the original Rolex.

In the end, only one Japanese factory specializing in the production of high-precision abrasive products can stay, it is our last hope. During this period, we have always insisted on high-quality, regardless of cost, continuous improvement, and repeated experiments, for this complicated process, we have to admire the professionalism and advanced technology of Japanese engineers.

Fortunately, this extremely high-precision product was created by this Japanese factory successfully.

At the first, we sent two pieces of product to my British friend, we wanted to consult him and his father for their product post-use opinions.

Cheer-up! We are very happy to receive their positive reply: they agree that this product is better than their original one!

And they are the first buyer of this new product, also the order quantity is five pieces.

Daniel, maybe one day you or your Father will see this article.

The inspiration and motivation for making this product come from you, we take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable information and suggestion. It can't be done without this product without you. Very grateful !

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A bad refinishing job will decrease the value of the watch much more than what the scratches themselves would.