Sapphire Exhibition Case Back for Rolex

Sapphire Exhibition Case Back for Rolex

Daytona Case-Back

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OfficialTime Scratch Resistant Sapphire Exhibition Case-Back for Rolex

As the Rolex owner, now we sincerely recommend this excellent rare item, and the Sapphire Exhibition Case-Back can definitely greatly enhance the appreciation value & fun of your Rolex.

Why did Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Omega, these famous watches almost use the exhibition case back in recent years ?

Each Rolex watch lover is obsessed with the Rolex watch's exquisite craftsmanship, but how many owners have actually seen the Movement of Rolex ?

Do you know the Movement of Rolex is how beautiful & charming ?

You will find it is a masterpiece when you actually see the watch-movement working, from the escapement system, balance-spring, colored gears, and the stable rotor they all are showing the excellence and aesthetics of Rolex.

OfficialTime Case Back for Daytona

If you want to see how fascinating the craftsmanship and running of the movement your Rolex ? Then owning a top-quality Sapphire Exhibition Case Back is very worthy.

What do these experiences of "Michelin Chef’s table dinner", "VIP Pass in star concert", and "Sapphire Exhibition Case Back setup on Rolex" have in common ?

They all are pleasant and memorable because they raise your enjoyment and appreciation by taking you behind the scenes for a unique experience.

Among the above three experiences, surely my Daytona with Sapphire Exhibition Case-Back made me enjoy it consistently the longest.

The details of the OfficialTime Sapphire Exhibition Case-Back :

Brand : OfficialTime

Steel : Top quality 316L stainless steel (Made in Japan)

Sapphire : Top quality Scratch Resistant Sapphire (genuine sapphires, Made in Japan)

Water Proof : 100 meters Guarantee

OfficialTime Case-Back

*We are not affiliated with any other watch brand company and all product only belong to OfficialTime trademark*

Why can our top-quality "Sapphire Exhibition Case Back" be widely welcomed and loved by worldwide users ?

The first is because this item can make the user really see the beautiful operation of the Rolex movement, and add the enjoyment of viewing to the user every moment, and it is also one of the ways to super reduce stress in life.

The second is that it can replace the Rolex original case-back, and then keep the original case-back in a safe box, because everyone may overlook the value of the original Rolex case-back case sticker. When one day in the future, maybe you will sell the watch, if this original sticker is still keeped as new, then the value of your watch will be greatly increased.

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Why do we design the Sapphire Exhibition Case-Back for Rolex ?

This is our true story and design / produce process :

One morning in our office, I opened up the case-back of my Daytona with curiosity, and I carefully watched this Daytona watch movement for a long time, I was very surprised by its precision running and complexity design, and I never knew it was so wonderful.

When I shared this "beating" wonderful mechanical movement with my colleagues, I found that everyone was just staring at this watch movement, they attracted by this charming watch movement, even though they have watched it for a while, but it seems everyone is not willing to leave it.

From this time, I have decided that we have to create a product that makes the Rolex owner able to admire this wonderful watch movement at a glance, and so we set to work on the great item - “Perspective Case-Back”. An extremely high-quality item that is worthy to use with the precious Rolex.

The next day, we had started searching for a way to achieve this goal, we were targeting Switzerland, Germany, and Japan we hoped to find the most appropriate manufacturers to meet our exacting standards, after thorough investigations and many contacts, we finally selected a Japanese professional diver watch-case factory to produce this great item - Perspective Case-Back.

On the first visit to the Japanese factory, this is an extremely clean and well-equipped medium-sized factory, we had a meeting with the Boss, he is a Japanese engineer, and was wearing a full neat factory uniform.

Upon the business meeting with their work team, the boss told us that Generally, his factory does not accept this order, they preferred to produce the Japanese orders, also because our product quality specification requested is too high, but the order quantity is too small.

We were very disappointed to hear that.

However, the Boss told me that he owned a Daytona watch himself also, so he is very interested in this "Perspective Case-Back" project. He agreed to make an exception to take the order with one additional condition, the additional condition is that we have to agree to sell him one set of "Perspective Case-Back" at the regular price once the project is complete.

We have to admire Japanese people's respect for copyright awareness, and we certainly accepted his additional condition immediately.

Honestly, this factory had extremely sophisticated equipment contained in a completely dust-free environment, and we need to wear the non-woven hat and shoe covers they provided to enter their workshop.

Upon I found the trademark "Grand Seiko" marked on a lot of watch-cases in their quality control department, the "Grand Seiko"  is one of my favorite brands.

My heart skipped a beat, and I am so excited because I knew we had found the right factory.

In the choice of product materials; the Boss insisted to use the made in Japan finest scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, FINE.

About the most important material - Stainless Steel, we asked the Boss, where is the best steel material in the world?

We guess the best steel should be produced in Switzerland or Germany, but he said: No, the best stainless-steel material is produced in Japan because the Japanese produce the best steel for knives.

Why ? He said that Switzerland or German knives are very good too, but the Japanese samurai knife is only made from Japanese top-quality stainless steel, please understand that the samurai knife's main function is life-saving or to kill the enemy, you think who will care more seriously about the steel quality? So, Japan had mastered the production technology of top-quality steel a long time ago.

We accepted his professional advice, and then we choose 3 kinds of different stainless steel to produce testing samples, we finally selected one of them that is made in Japan top-quality 316L stainless steel, because of its precision, intensity, density, color, glosses, all are very close to the Rolex 904L steel.

And we particularly made a thin mirror polished ring around the sapphire crystal of Case-Back, which the mirror-polished face width is 0.40mm only.

We named this beautiful mirror-polished ring "Angel Halo".

And we engraved the product content on the case's inside, which the edge wideness is less than 1.0mm only, these outstanding crafts have shown the Japanese factory owned the unique ultra-precision cutting and super mirror surface polishing equipment & technology.

At the most important function - the Deep-sea high-pressure waterproof, we required 100 meters of waterproof for each case-back, after two times of rigorous stress waterproof tests, all of the case-backs passed the 145 meters and 150 meter tests, this test result is much better than we expected.

The boss told me that this is a normal test result in his factory, because all of the watch-cases produced from them, if had marked 100 meters waterproof function, and the reasonable safety factor of waterproof must be 125 meters or above.

I am so proud that we have a dedicated team to work on this Transparent Case-Back, and we are very fortunate to commission this excellent professional factory, combining its outstanding technicians and advanced machinery, and the top-quality Japanese materials to complete this superb item.

We also created the case-back of the Explorer, GMT-Master, Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Datejust with the same attitude, team, and combination.

Now we will continue to develop more models to suit different models of Rolex.

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