Glid-Lick Buckle for Rolex

Glid-Lick Buckle for Rolex

Buckle for Rolex

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PRO Glid-Lick Buckle for Rolex

Very honored, we special custom made a very limited quantities of "Glide-Lock Buckle" for a professional diver club in Germany which is their non-sale item and only free provide to their members, and they called it is "GLB".

The "GLB" retains many outstanding features such as the heavy, ergonomic, absolute reliable, fast adjustment, and easy to micro adjust or extend for the length of bracelet.

Due to the club requires of extremely high-end quality, and they sent two stationed engineers to monitor the entire production process, in here we found the Germans high requirement on every raw materials, production serious, carefully processes, product precision and meticulous quality and more. All of these are significantly beyond universal professionals’ expectation which made our team completely admire and praise for them.

Throughout the process, we want to challenge our quality limit and compliance contract, so we had to complete this high-end item project regardless of everything. However, it caused our production cost and working time far exceeded budget which we got sharply loss, so we have decided to henceforth will not produce this product again.

The club knew the actual cost and our loss, and they are so generous to give us 25 pieces as a souvenir present.
Honestly, we have only 25 pieces and now we are willing to share this unique item "GLB" to the same high-end required enthusiasts.

German PRO Glide-Lock Buckle with antique divers helmet sculpture :

~ Made by Swiss high-end quality 316L stainless steel;

~ Outstanding features as the heavy, ergonomic, absolute reliable.

~ Fast adjustment, and easy to micro adjust or extend for the length of bracelet.

~ Each piece is made by the Switzerland precise Computer Numerical Control machine and meticulously handcrafted polished.

~ Each piece is undergone 83 pcs of rigorous and complex produce processes, also consumed over 120 working hours by the skilled artisans.

This item is included :

1) a GLB Buckle

2) an Extra Extension Parts

3) a Packing Box