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OfficialTime AK End Link for Rolex

We know what you want, because we are Rolex lovers also.

OfficialTime provides the best complementary products for your Rolex, and offers your watches a whole new experience in exploring for more.

We designed this shoulder protection component for the legend level of Rolex and we named it " Armor of the King" AK End Link. It is specially designed for your Rolex.

The AK End Link allows you to keep the essence of your Rolex while adding your own unique tastes.

Why do we design AK End Link ?

Recalling my original intention of creating this AK end link many years ago, because I like the white gold Daytona very much, but it is too expensive for me.

One day, I was looking at some white gold Daytona photos for a long time, I just wanted to design small parts which can be installed onto my steel Daytona to imitate the look of white gold Daytona, and be able to feel the feeling of wearing the white gold Daytona.

~ First, aesthetically, This item must keep the essence of Rolex.

~ Secondly, the color, gloss, and texture are exactly the same as Rolex, So  it is made of Swiss 904L stainless steel.

~ Thirdly, it must connect flawlessly to the Daytona Case.

We have done it !!!

OfficialTime AK End Link :

~ Made by Swiss top quality 904L stainless steel.

~ Finest 18K gold plating, it can last 10 years lifetime.

~ Each piece is made by the Switzerland precise Computer Numerical Control machine and meticulously handcrafted polished.

AK End Link for Rolex

We also completed other models of AK End Link with the same attitude to suit different Rolex.

Also luckily this AK End Link has been widely loved by Rolex users from all over the world for many years.

~~ small parts make a big difference , make your Rolex different ~~

This AK End Link puts your Rolex in a new fashion, this investment is worthwhile.

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OfficialTime AK End Link for Rolex

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How to install the "Armor of the King" end link and the Strap to the Rolex ?

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