Advance Program Selection:
1) The advanced microcomputer program controller is adopted to provide Clockwise, Alternating and Counter clockwise modes, which apply for all mechanical automatic watches. The design of high-quality independent motor gear system ensures smooth, stable, and quiet operations.
The watch winder rotates at 3 turns per minute approximately and provides 3 selectable programs as below. (720 to 1,440 turn daily approx)
The advance forerunner's electron programs and copying the arm swing of peoples with per hour 7-8 kilometer walking speed, keeping the spring and clutch system of watch operation constantly in a perfect balance status.
  + Clockwise: rotation for 5 minutes then remain for 10 minutes, same cycle repeats 24 hours per day.
  + Alternating: rotation between clockwise & counter clockwise alternately every 2 1/2 minutes, this process will run for 5 minutes then rest for 10 minutes.
  + Counter: clockwise: rotation only in counter clockwise for 5 minutes then remains for 10 minutes, same cycle repeats 24 hours per day.
2) LED signal light indicator, for user easy to assess the rotation function in process.
  LED light indicator
  + Green light on = rotation function is in process.
  + Yellow light on = the machine is in sleep mode.
  + Red light on = battery is running out (low battery) the machine will be stop in a few days please change battery according the indication.
1) Advanced machine motor and gear box designed for protect each motor inside the winder, will not damage inside machinery when stop the rotate disk by other outside object suddenly.
2) An external replaceable fuse is installed to ensure home safety. Switches are independent, and every turntable can function solely.
3) Each of gear box had passed 48 hours laboratory test, super quiet motor design will provided you a stable and super quiet rotate movement even setting in the bedroom.
Power Input:
This product works by Alkaline battery or AC-adapter, and has passed European CE and RoHS standards. It is safe and reliable enough.
The high quality AC-adaptor suits for the worldwide voltage.

The extraordinary watch winder made from selected European premium wood and quality leather purchased directly from origin, available in seasonal colors and different styles.

Based on the European spirit of professional insistence in woodcraft art, the top-notch real wood inlays (mortise and tenon) are applied to our modern product design. The 18-layer piano grade high-gloss enamel surface and hand finishing treatment further glamorize the product appearance. After long-term use, our product can remain new as ever. Besides, high-specification anti-dust wooden frames are also used to pursue perfection in crafts, techniques, and designs.

Interior Decoration:
The interior decoration features selected top-level soft artificial sheepskin and delicate handwork. It has a comfortable feel and a beautiful appearance.

  Shipping terms / Guarantee
(1) Sand by TNT / DHL Express around the world by door to door service
(2) Packed in a firm carton box with PEP foam to securely protect the goods to your home in 2-3 days safety.
(3) Ship on the following work ing day when payment received.
(4) We would be respond when the watch winder damage or loss during shipment.
(5) Enclose the Guarantee Card for a Guarantee period of 12 months.