On a regular evening in the summer of 2002 , four friends all watch lovers gathered for an evening . This group of avid watch collectors included an electronics engineer , 2 merchandisers and a guy who is nicknamed the “ watch doctor ” a gentleman who as worked in the watch field for over 15 years . They were sharing and discussing their collection , like Tourbillon, Perpetual, Power Reserve and two styles of custom made watch boxes . During the discussion , they all are the mad of watches lover , they are willing to pay out their whole power with knowledge , experience to do something for another watch lover and collector .  
  One of the group stood up suddenly, and said “ Since we know the product and market situation very well, why can’t we source high quality parts and accessories and share them with others all over the world?” this brilliant idea developed from this evening.  
  In the following 6 months they talked with everyone they knew who collected watches and gathered opinions from business associates and different professional all over the world. They worked on specifically the key elements of Piano Crafting and Precise fix post-motor technology and the Brand name of “OFFICIAL TIME” was born.  
  “OFFICIAL TIME” aims are to provide high quality accessories and parts for good prices to watch lovers around the world with friendly and efficient service... For example, automatic watch winding boxes and watch straps of the highest quality all based on the love and hobby of collecting watches, they fully understand how the collector feels and aim to offer the finest products available from around the world.